Felt Desk Mat FAQs

Felt Desk Mat FAQs

01: What sizes are available?

The Desk Pad comes in 3 sizes:

Small/Sophisticated: 24.8x11 inch (63x28 cm) Medium/Majestic: 35.4x11.8 inch (90x30 cm) Large/Luxuriant: 31.5x17.7 inch (80x45 cm)

All 3 sizes are 0.13 inch (3.5 mm) thick.


02: What is the Desk Pad made of?

The Minimalistic Desk Pad is made of high quality synthetic wool felt fibres which are pressed together using hot temperature. This makes the Desk Pad vegan friendly.

The bottom of the Desk Pad is made of many plastic dots which serve as an anti-slip surface so your Desk Pad stays in one place.


03: Why should I use a Felt Desk Mat?

The pleasant feel of the material proves to be an ideal base and convinces both aesthetically and functionally. The hand lies comfortably and glides just as easily over the surface.


04: Product Care

Keep the Desk Pad away from hot and humid conditions. If you want to clean the desk pad, you can vacuum it or use a bit of detergent and a damp cloth. Make sure to apply as less liquid as possible and to dry off the Desk Pad completely before next use.

Sharp-edged objects such as keys or jewelry may result in tearing of the synthetic fibres. You can remove the excessive fibres with a lint remover or a basic hair clipper. To extend the longevity of the Desk Pad, you can repeat this process every few months.

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