7 tips on how to work from a coffee shop and why it's so great

7 tips on how to work from a coffee shop and why it's so great - DeltaHub


At the office we have one simple policy about remote work:


Go out there, search for inspiration, see the world, but do come in the office once in a while. 


So when needed, we have the ability to replace our office desks with our favorite coffee shop sofas. Somehow (I’m sure there’s a study somewhere), the smell of coffee making and the consistent buzz of people walking in and out helps you focus better than in a quiet office.

And if you think about it, historically, people have always gravitated towards working outside the bounds of their four walls. Even middle age poets would often raid taverns and inns searching for inspiration, and as the dawn or remote working approaches us we can see not much has changed.

Someone from our office who’s well-versed in finding inspiration outside the office is Zala.


Her favorite coffee?  Macchiato.  Her favorite work spot?  Coffee shops.

  • first off — know your surroundings. Scout beforehand if your preferred coffee shop has outlets, free wi-fi, if it’s comfy enough, etc.

  • for me, the noise of the steam wand, the clanking of cutlery, and the constant murmur are motivating and help me focus, but if that’s not for you I suggest you invest in a good pair of headphones (mine are from Bang & Olufsen).

  • I always charge devices beforehand, just in case the outlets aren’t working.

  • make sure that when working from a coffee shop your workday is meeting-free. You don’t want to be taking calls from the bathroom stall just to get some quiet time.

  • Don’t forget to have active breaks. Working from a coffee shop doesn’t mean you don’t need to close your screen once in a while. Use this time to talk to some people around and maybe even form some new connections.

  • Move around. Any space, coffee shop or not, can become tiring after a while. I tend to change locations every 2-3 hours.

  • Lastly, treat it like an “award”. That way the work you do becomes much more fulfilling + if you’re like me, it’s a good reminder of my study days abroad, discovering new places.



It’s quite obvious why coffee shops have become the staple for everyone looking into working remotely. A hefty caffeine supply, limitless free wi-fi, and if you manage to snag a good position right between the morning rush and the after-lunch espressos, they can be generally pretty quiet.

So next time when you feel like you need to get out there and change your workspace, give your local coffee shop a try, just make sure to actually buy some coffee while you’re there — don’t want you to be labeled a “laptop squatter”.

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