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It's time for a riddle: 

What's really into ergonomics, has recently gotten a new office space and it's the current holder of the "BEST BUSINESS IDEA 2021/22" award?

Giving up? Well the answer is... DELTAHUB!! 

DeltaHub team (left to right): Jan (CEO and co-founder), Jaka (Support), Amadej (CDO and co-founder), Primož (COO and co-founder), Tea (Support), Jasmin (Support), and Jan G. (Growth hacker)

Last week our hard work was recognized by the very well-known Slovenian business newsletter Finance and their readers.

Our favorite wrist rest companion, Carpio 2.0, was in the center of attention. Everyone wanted to see it in action, and the whole award ceremony was nothing short of amazing, 

Congratulations to all the other finalists, it was a really close call.

This shiny award you see in the picture above is the centerpiece of our new conference room.

The link to the “Best business idea 2021/22” is only one click away!

This week we found out that we are also one of the five startups that are in the run for the prestige title of Slovenian startup of the year

Keep all your fingers and toes crossed we go home with another award under our belt!

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