They see you when you're Slacking. They know when you come in late. They know if you've been bad or good, so be good for your work's Secret Santa exchange ..

Secret Santa gift exchanges go one of two ways: You either get someone you know super well or a person you've barely (if, ever) spoken to. While you may take a sigh of relief when you pick your work wifey it can still be tricky to find a unique Secret Santa gift that won’t end up in a drawer. This year we are hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange in our office as well. A fairy from our team compiled a list of thoughtful (Secret Santa) gift ideas that are bound to meet all different office types, aesthetics and budgets. The shortlist should take some of the stress out of your holiday shopping experience.

1. For Tech Enthusiasts

Mx master x, BenQ light, Iphone frame by Grid studio
Credit: @camdiceccatech

Balolo Cockpit and Deltahub Minimalistic Desk pad in M size
Credit: @rlopezhn8


2. For Digital Nomads

TIJN Blue Light Glasses Flat Lay coffe table
Credit: @edwinyg

Leather folio by Grams28 and Key Organiser by OrbitKey
Credit: @edwardtanujayaa

Carpio 2.0 in black
Credit: @maybejensen

3. For Students

Deltahub limited edition Pink Carpio 2.0
Credit: @ria.vida_

Credit: @study__med

Pentips and Carpio 2.0

Credit: @gizmoegram

4. For Gamers

Carpio 2.0 limited edition replacable pads
Credit: @fulltimedrago

gaming setup

Credit: @dutchtechnerd

Deltahub Chrismas Offers 

In case you still haven't found the perfect gift, make sure to check out DeltaHub Christmas special offers. 

Deltahub Christmas Bundle

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