Cable Management Kit Testers


Thank you and welcome on board!

We are happy you finally decided to declutter your life desk. Right now there is a bunch of stuff in front of you and it may even feel overwhelming. But don't worry, we have your back.

For easier communication please join our dedicated Discord channel where our team will actively engage with you.

Where to start?


1. Take a photo before you start decluttering your desk

2. Take notes of your progress (what was your first step; what went wrong...)

3. Take a photo once your desk is Instagram friendly 😉

4. Send the before and after photo in the Discord channel

5. We'll schedule a call with you afterwards



Tip N°1: Use the adhesive velcro, apply one side for the table and the other side for your cable organiser accessories and electronic devices. Later on if needed you can easily change the positions of your cable organisers and electronics.

Tip N°2: There is going to be a lot of hanging cables, so coil the leftover length and use the velcro ties to secure the cable, for mounting and tightening use the adhesive clips.