Gaming Brief


Welcome on board 🕹

For the last couple of months we were busy with our favorite project so far...

Carpio G2.0

It's finally coming to an end and we couldn't be prouder.

Who's our biggest inspiration? Our community of course!

We digged deep into the comments, emails and DMs to get to the bottom to the evergreen problem Carpio2.0 faced when used by a gamer.

Amadej and Žiga played around with different materials and mechanisms. They ended up creating over 14 different prototypes.

Check out some of them below ⬇️

There was no room for mistakes, no room for errors, and definitely no time to be f*cking around.

Gamers spend a lot of time on their computers so it was important to bring in all the amazing features of Carpio 2.0 and adapt them to fit their needs.

In the second round of testing, we worked closely together with Cyber Wolves — a professional esports team from our local community.

Amadej with his new bowtie circa 2021.

Cyber Wolves visit at our HQ.

Žiga casually ignoring the important company meeting and working on the strap mechanism.

They say mixing business and pleasure is never a good idea. But who cares what they say!

What's better than a good old LAN with your favorite coworkers and local gamers. Below there's a video we shared with the beta testers, maybe you'll enjoy it too.

⬇️ Check it out below ⬇️