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About us

Deltahub is a young European company, passionate about designing products that make your working days easier and more productive.

With us, the design doesn’t end with aesthetics - the most important aspect is functionality.

All we wanted was to solve our own pain

Amadej, one of our co-founders, spends at least 8 hours a day on his computer, working as a designer. After he had started to feel wrist pain, he has tried almost every solution out there but ended up disappointed every time. That's why he joined forces with his two friends, Primož and Jan, to create Carpio.


Something bigger than ourselves

We soon became aware this was a huge problem affecting millions of people around the world. That's why we attended a startup competition, drafted our business plan and created our first 3D-printed prototype. It was all about the threes - the three of us, finished third, won 300€ and bought our very own 3D printer.


Late nights, take out food...

Beginnings are not very glamorous, but they sure have a unique charm. We rented a small office in a startup incubator where we would meet after our full-time jobs, turned it into a workshop, and prototype late into the night.

Marko Mikša, MD:

"Make a change today."

Because people's health wasn't something we wanted to play with, we knew we had to add an expert to our team. As a young surgeon, specializing in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery (including carpal tunnel surgeries), Marko was a perfect addition to our team.

Risk it all

After more than 50 prototypes and thousands of hours we finally came to a working version. We decided to risk it all and invest our own money to set up the production. And the rest is history...

Rector’s award for best innovation


April 2019: Rector’s award for best innovation

March 2020: Healthday - top 5 Slovenian health startups

October 2020: highest award for Innovation and a special award for startups by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

From a part-time hobby to serving

20.843 satisfied customers


from more than
130 countries around the world.


Amadej Tauses, Jan Forsthuber, Primož Erjavec (from left to right )

Giving workplace wellbeing a new name.

- DeltaHub