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Losing your data sucks!

In most cases, external drives get damaged due to improper disconnection from the computer, an issue that still persists as the external drive typically dangles on a thin cable next to the computer.
It's 2023 - we have to change that!

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It's crafted from durable aluminum, ensuring lightweight longevity. At its heart is a Mumetal core, which allows for low magnet conductivity of just 77 Gauss, making it completely safe for your disk.

Mission: test with heavy users

We're counting on your expertise and your heavy-duty data habits to help us fine-tune HoldX. Consider this your chance to redefine how we manage data on the move. Your feedback will provide the crucial insights we need to refine HoldX, ensuring it stands up to the demands of the on-the-go creator.

Your data is safe!

The magnets won't mess with your disk. To put it into perspective, a magnet would have to be over 1 Tesla (that's a freaking 10,000 Gauss!!!) to have any effect on your disk. Our magnets? At 77 gauss they are 100% safe.

Here's Amadej, our co-founder and CDO, chilling in the beanbag with his trusty HoldX

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