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Minimalistic Phone Stand
A safe and convenient way of storing your phone while at the desk.
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Modular design 
Different attachment systems ensure instant stability.
Widespread compatibility 
Available for both iPhone and Android phones.
MagSafe compatibility
Works together with the MagSafe charging system.
Cable friendly
The design ensures easy access for all your cables.

"Displays of cluttered and disorganised spaces can project undesirable traits such as being lazy, erratic, or even unqualified for certain tasks."  

Roster CA, Ferrari JR.

Environment and Behavior, 2020

3, 2, 1…Organized!

Think of the Minimalistic Phone Stand as your shortcut to getting more productive. Now, you don’t even have to worry about those 30 deadlines on your calendar.


Rotate your phone to suit your needs, whether it’s for watching videos or scrolling through the latest news.

Hands-free zoom calls

Not every video call needs to turn into an upper body workout. You can now enjoy your call while being able to take notes, have a snack or play with fidget toys.

Never use Find my Phone again

How would you feel if you finally didn’t have to use the “Find My Phone” app only to find out your phone is buried under piles of papers?

Set it on your own terms

With two attachment styles, you can choose what works best for you. We can give you some suggestions, but the choice is ultimately yours.

You represent the top 1% of our customer list. 

Once again we made Jan, our CEO, sit behind the camera where he will answer all your burning questions. In this video, he’ll give you a detailed look into our new product and the design process.

Android user friendly

This Minimalistic Phone Stand doesn’t care if you don’t have a built-in magnet, you get a magnet sticker anyways so you can use it from the get-go.

Tablets compatible

Using both hands to type on your Macbook, but still want to use your iPad to view something?

Once the tablet is at the same level as your computer, as you can easily switch between tasks.

And it even saves you from neck, arm, and back pain.

Hi, meet your new desk buddy!

Now that your phone is out of your hands you can something else during the meeting — like taking notes.
Minimalistic Phone Stand

Decision fatigue friendly

With the Minimalistic Phone Stand, we enable you two ways of attaching the product to your setup — magnetic & nano-tape.

No decision is final, there’s always the undo button.

What comes in the parcel?

Minimalistic Phone Stand comes with
1x Metal plate (7x7cm / 2.8")
1x Phone stand (height 10.1cm / 4")
1x Nano tape
1x Round detachable magnet
2x Magnetic external sticker

September - October 2022

Tooling for each of our new products is a huge upfront investment. To achieve goals faster we decided to try preorders as financing technique which as well mitigates part of our risk.

When you place a preorder, we use those funds towards our production costs. Being that we are a small business and we work on constant lean budget. When we are able to crowdfund capital, this enables us to gauge how many units to produce as our goal is to cut down waste and overproducing.

November - December 2022

We allow and project two months for production and one month for logistics freight import/export.

This all varies on the workload and schedule with our factory.

February 2023

We allow one month for logistics freight import/export. Slight changes and modifications can arise but we will be sure to share updates to our clients as this comes about.

March 2023

If you have moved since the last time you placed the preorder, do send us an email and we will make sure we update your delivery address.