Minimalistic Mouse pad

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Felt mouse pads offer you a comfortable and convenient workflow. They provide protected placing of your sensitive laptop, tablet or keyboard and at the same time protects the desk surface. The felt mouse pad belongs on every desk workstation - in your office or home office. 


High quality wool felt is made by pressing the fiber together into a sheet of fabric by the use of heat and pressure. The pleasant feel of the natural material proves to be an ideal base and convinces both aesthetically and functionally. The top does not create unnecessary friction, so that the mouse can be operated and moved extremely easily. The hand lies comfortably and glides just as easily over the surface. The sewn edges guarantee a long service life and protect against fraying. Not designed to be used as a writing surface.


We recommend regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. After some time you can clean under running water with a sponge and possibly a colour detergent. Avoid very strong rubbing. After washing, if necessary, pull the felt slightly into shape and dry it on a flat surface in an airy place.


80 x 45 x 0.3 cm (31.5” x 17.7 x 0.12 ) - or in other words there is enough space for you to fit your laptop, mouse, headset, iPad, mobile phone, notebook and a cup of coffee.