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HoldX FAQs

HoldX FAQs

01: Which gadgets is it compatible with?

If the base of the gadget is at least 5cm wide for the HoldX to fit on it, then it’s completely usable. In summary, you can use it for dongles, power banks, or even your cup holder.


02: Will it scratch my computer?

Between HoldX and your laptop there’s a layer of tape that keeps it stuck to the surface, so technically, it’s never in direct contact with your laptop, hence, there’s no possibility of it being scratched.


03: Can I reuse it with a new disk?

It requires some effort but is doable. Whether you're replacing the laptop or the disc, begin by applying gentle heat - a hairdryer works well for this. Aim the hairdryer at the HoldX, and then, with the provided spatula, gently pry it off the surface. After removal, procure 3M double-sided tape from your local store. Cut strips approximately 5cm in length and adhere them in the same pattern as the previous arrangement.


04: How do I remove it?

In the box, you’ll find a spatula, specifically designed to remove the tape.


05: Won't the magnets mess with my disk?

Nope! MuMetal shield protects your disk from any chance of harm. HoldX produces a low magnetic conductivity of less then 90 Gauss making it completely safe for your disk. To put things into perspective, a magnet would have to be over 10.000 Gauss for it to have any effect.


06: Is the HoldX compatible with silicone casings?

Unfortunately no, HoldX doesn't work with silicone surfaces.

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