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Wrist Rests

Elevate your workspace with our wrist rests collection, co-designed with top physicians. Prioritize your wrist health, reduce pain, and minimize the risk for developing Carpal tunnel syndrome. Make your setup stand out. Premium products for those who don't compromise when it comes to their health.


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#color_redCarpio 2.0 - DeltaHub
Carpio 2.0 Sale priceFrom $49.90
Save $11.80
#color_redKeyboard Wrist Rest
Keyboard Wrist Rest Sale price$84.90 Regular price$96.70
#color_redCarpio G2.0
Carpio G2.0 Sale price$54.90
Save $5.00
G2.0 - Baby BlueG2.0 - Baby Blue - DeltaHub
G2.0 - Baby Blue Sale price$54.90 Regular price$59.90
Save $5.00
G2.0 - Cotton CandyG2.0 - Cotton Candy - DeltaHub
G2.0 - Cotton Candy Sale price$54.90 Regular price$59.90
Save $28.00
G2.0 - RandomfrankpG2.0 - Randomfrankp
G2.0 - Randomfrankp Sale price$54.90 Regular price$82.90
#color_redReplaceable Pads - DeltaHub
Replaceable Pads Sale price$29.90
Save $5.00
G2.0 - Pearl GreyG2.0 - Pearl Grey
G2.0 - Pearl Grey Sale price$54.90 Regular price$59.90
Save $5.00
G2.0 - Olive GreenG2.0 - Olive Green
G2.0 - Olive Green Sale price$54.90 Regular price$59.90