The Ultimate Desk Pad Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Desk Pad Cleaning Guide - DeltaHub

The Problem

Is your desk pad looking like it just went through a paper shredder? I’m not going to lie to you, you might need a new one.

Although, if it just looks a bit scruffy and you’re seeing a lot of lint and hairs piling up, then I have a few simple solutions that will make it look brand new, and go back to doing what it does best - protecting your desk.

Who’s involved?

DeltaHub Minimalistic Desk Pad is made out of vegan felt wool material, so it provides a smooth, cozy surface for your desk. It protects your desk from scratches and makes your desk space look that much more organized. The anti-slip bottom makes sure that your computer desk pad stays in its place, while the sawn edges make sure there’s no fraying and ensure the longevity of your desk pad.

It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. For a more detailed sizing chart click here.

Need some proof? Check this and this out!

The Culprit

Sometimes there are those days when every minute counts so you end up having your breakfast, lunch, or dinner right in front of your computer. Even though those ramen noodles in front of you look delicious, some of that sauce is for sure getting on your desk pad. It’s inevitable. However, we’re on the case, and we know how to make your office desk pad brand new!

The Solution


Let’s start this off with an easy fix for your desk pad - the lint roller method.

Step 1: Go to the store, your pantry, or your parents’ house and grab yourself a lint roller.

Step 2: Grab the lint roller and fiddle with it pretending it’s a microphone for the next few minutes.

Step 3: Finally decide to get to work and use your lint roller to collect all the lint and stray hairs that have been permanently residing on your desk pad.

Step 4: Get back to singing, superstar!


The second method is used when you can see some staining on your desk pad. No need to worry your favorite computer desk pad is in good hands.

Step 1: Get yourself and your desk pad to your shower, bath, or even outside. Things are about to get messy.

Step 2: Realize this is gonna require physical work and get into an internal debate with yourself if this is all even worth it.

Step 3: Apply cold water, and get to scrubbing GENTLY with some mild soap. Don’t forget to rinse!

Step 4: Stand in awe as your desk pad looks brand new and your desk space can once again look perfect.

PRO TIP: Under no circumstances, don’t use hot water to wash your desk pad. Heat can seriously damage the synthetic wool material.

Final thoughts

If you want something to last you a long time you have to take care of it. Proper desk pad care can ensure that your desk pad lasts. So make sure to clean it once in a while, it will reward you by being the best office desk pad ever.

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