What your SETUP says about you

What your SETUP says about you - DeltaHub

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Studies have shown that an average person who works an office type of job will spend around 67 days every year sitting at their desk. Might as well decorate it, right?

There are more than 300 archetypes in music, literature, and art. Let’s add setups to that list and the number just keeps on growing.

Which archetype represents you the most?

Our office setups are usually pretty simple - Ikea chairs, a few plants, some form of a desk organizer, and we can’t forget the Minimalistic Desk Pad (now in Light Gray as well) and the Carpio 2.0 or two.

Well, there’s no point in dragging this any longer. It’s time to introduce you to the six setup archetypes:

Maddie the Minimalist (inspo: tchnrd)


This type of person doesn’t say much but packs quite a punch (I believe this rhyme qualifies me to become a poet or a rapper).

This person loves to keep their space neat and tidy. They feel like any unnecessary clutter messes with their zen and disrupts their inner peace. A desktop minimalist doesn’t really venture into color variants, they tend to stick to neutrals with a slight pop of color.

Simplicity and organization are what bring the minimalist the uttermost joy.

Keywords: smart, simple, centered

Gregg the PC Gamer (inspo: ulresch)


PC gamers put a lot of time and effort into their setups and they take great pride in creating a desk space anyone would be jealous of.

And most of the time people are.

They are very passionate people who when it comes to their setups know what they want and what color scheme they’re going to go for.

PC gamers, keep checking our social media, there’s something big happening really soon!

Keywords: passionate, hardworking, proud

Roy the RGB fanatic (inspo: techrpt)


RGB stands for red, green, and blue color model or as more commonly known - every minimalist’s nightmare.

Usually, these setups feature a more out-there, loud, and colorful aesthetic. People who enjoy an RGB setup are not afraid to unapologetically express themselves.

Think of those kids in kindergarten that always colored outside the lines. It’s very much that vibe.

Keywords: energetic, loud, expressive

Claire the Clutterer (inspo: @studywithbrianne)


When you see a desktop setup like this one your first thought might be something like:

“Wow that’s a lot of stuff, there’s no way this person knows where everything is!”.

However, you couldn’t be more wrong. This type of person loves their decorations and everything on their table has its own rightful place.

On the surface, they might seem very disorganized and all over the place but the truth is, their creative mess is more organized than you might think.

Keywords: quirky, curious, creatively-messy

Tim the Techie (inspo: quiff)


This person knows what they want when they want it and how they want it done. When it comes to gadgets and computer parts, that is.

They keep their setup up to date and are always on the hunt for something new. They love a good early access deal, because what’s the point of getting a new keyboard if everyone else already has it?

Keywords: smart, modern, confident

Patricia the Plant Hoarder (inspo: @r.j.snaps)


To be one with nature is this person’s ultimate goal. They love the lushness of their setup.

The local gardening shop owners already know them by name.

They are also very caring and loving people, as taking care of a whole plant family is no easy task.

Only a real green thumb would be able to handle it.

Keywords: caring, loving, helpful

As you may have noticed, setups are somewhat a reflection of our own personalities. Your setup is a way for you to tell the world who you are and what you’re all about.

A Minimalistic desk pad here, a Carpio 2.0 wrist there and you’re already on the right track to creating your own personal setup haven.

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