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Carpio 2.0 FAQs

Carpio 2.0 FAQs

01: Which size should I choose?

We have a neat trick to determine which size to choose for yourself. If you find yourself on the fence - somewhere in between, you may want to consider your primary usage. For example, if you'll be doing tasks that require more precise movements, a smaller size might offer better control. Conversely, a larger size might provide more support for general use.


02: How to use the Carpio 2.0?

Place your palm firmly on the silicone pads. Do not press hard on the pads and allow your hand to simply glide with the Carpio. Make sure your elbow has adequate support either by the chair's arm-rest or the table itself.


03: What is the Carpio 2.0 made of?

The Carpio 2.0 is made out of teflon gliders, a plastic base and silicone pads that are soft to the touch and comfortable to use.


04: Which surface is the best for the Carpio 2.0?

Because of the teflon gliders, the Carpio 2.0 will match the smoothness of every teflon based computer mice. In short, if your computer mouse glides, so will the Carpio!


05: Was the Carpio 2.0 really designed with physicians?

The Carpio was collaboratively designed with input from medical experts. Dr. Marko Mikša, a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery, and Burns (including Carpal Tunnel surgeries), was a key contributor, working alongside us for over a year. Additionally, we consulted with several physicians specializing in occupational medicine to ensure the Carpio's design met medical standards and insights.


06: How's it different to the Carpio G2.0?

The G2.0 has a completely removable and adjustable strap with its magnetic attachment so you retain control of the wrist rest even during more intense movements like gaming.

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