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Full Ergonomic Bundle

€69,80  €114,70

REO Phone Stand
REO Phone Stand

€62,90  €69,90

REO Wireless Charger
REO Vanity Tray
Save €44,90
#color_redFull Ergonomic Bundle
Full Ergonomic Bundle Sale price€69,80 Regular price€114,70
Save €7,00
REO Phone StandREO Phone Stand
REO Phone Stand Sale price€62,90 Regular price€69,90
REO Wireless ChargerREO Wireless Charger
REO Wireless Charger Sale price€19,90
REO Vanity TrayREO Vanity Tray
REO Vanity Tray Sale price€39,90
Formo - Laptop Sleeve
Formo - Laptop Sleeve

€54,90  €64,90

Short USB-C Cable
Save €10,00
Formo - Laptop SleeveFormo - Laptop Sleeve - DeltaHub
Formo - Laptop Sleeve Sale price€54,90 Regular price€64,90
On sale
#color_redHoldX - Magnetic Mount
HoldX - Magnetic Mount Sale priceFrom €39,90
Short USB-C CableShort USB-C Cable
Short USB-C Cable Sale price€9,90
"Like I have previously mentioned, great set of collective group of people. I am most definitely satisfied with my new desk decor. Much appreciated and even more, I admire the decisions made to take in positive criticism to create such a wonderfully made product."

John Kollie

"It’s a brilliant design, its packaging is surprising and cool, and it comes with a nice bag to carry it in. And as someone who has dealt with carpal tunnel issues, I will honestly tell you - it works! Glad I got one!"

Richard E. Rae

"The design of the wrist supports are awesome. They’re modern looking and small yet, extremely comfortable!"

Mark Conte

"The product is AMAZING. The Carpio 2.0 is the final solution for someone that uses the computer for many hours. I work 8 hours a day on the computer and my wrist started to hurt. But with Carpio 2.0 it's a completely different story. Try it to believe it."

Nikola Milcovski

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