Change your workspace into an ergonomic safe haven.

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Upgrade your workspace with our award winning ergonomic accessories designed for ultimate comfort and support. Our wrist rests provide essential wrist support and immediately help with pain relief. They come in a variety of styles, including gaming wrist pads, mouse wrist rest and keyboard wrist rest


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Carpio 2.0 - DeltaHub
Carpio 2.0 Sale priceFrom €34,90
Carpio G2.0
Carpio G2.0 Sale priceFrom €39,90
Save €9,90
Keyboard Wrist Rest Set
Keyboard Wrist Rest Set Sale price€59,90 Regular price€69,80
G2.0 - RandomfrankpG2.0 - Randomfrankp
G2.0 - Randomfrankp Sale price€49,90
#color_redReplaceable Pads
Replaceable Pads Sale price€19,90
Formo - Laptop SleeveFormo - Laptop Sleeve - DeltaHub
Formo - Laptop Sleeve Sale price€59,90
#color_redMinimalistic Desk Mat
Minimalistic Desk Mat Sale priceFrom €34,90
#color_redGaming Desk Mat
Gaming Desk Mat Sale priceFrom €39,90
G2.0 - Olive GreenG2.0 - Olive Green
G2.0 - Olive Green Sale price€44,90
G2.0 - Pearl GreyG2.0 - Pearl Grey
G2.0 - Pearl Grey Sale price€44,90
G2.0 - Baby BlueG2.0 - Baby Blue - DeltaHub
G2.0 - Baby Blue Sale price€44,90
G2.0 - Cotton CandyG2.0 - Cotton Candy - DeltaHub
G2.0 - Cotton Candy Sale price€44,90
#color_redHoldX - Magnetic Mount
HoldX - Magnetic Mount Sale priceFrom €39,90
Short USB-C CableShort USB-C Cable
Short USB-C Cable Sale price€9,90
Sold out
REO Headphone StandREO Headphone Stand
REO Headphone Stand Sale price€59,90
REO Phone StandREO Phone Stand
REO Phone Stand Sale price€69,90
Sold out
REO To-Do ListREO To-Do List
REO To-Do List Sale price€64,90
REO Pen HolderREO Pen Holder
REO Pen Holder Sale price€39,90
REO Vanity TrayREO Vanity Tray
REO Vanity Tray Sale price€39,90
Sold out
REO Wireless ChargerREO Wireless Charger
REO Wireless Charger Sale price€19,90
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