The ultimate guide to snacking: gamer edition

The ultimate guide to snacking: gamer edition - DeltaHub

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A good snack is like a trustworthy teammate - it is always there when you need it. Yeah sure, it can’t really fight with you or help you clear dungeons and raids, but when has it ever let you down? The only acceptable answer is never. Otherwise, you need to re-evaluate your snacking choices.

Since I’m so strongly opinionated about snacks (and you know there’s nothing worse than a gamer with strong opinions), I have decided to conduct very thorough research. On Reddit of all places. I wanted to see what gamers snack on and what kind of tricks and tips they use when enjoying what is, in my opinion, the most important meal of the day. Here are my findings:

Starting off with something healthy and light - fruits - this Reddit user seems to keep their snacks simple, and I totally support that decision.

Source: Reddit


What about veggies? Sure they are a great source of vitamins and minerals and all of the other good stuff your body needs, but are they a good snack? This individual would certainly agree.

Source: Reddit


Some gamers are not snack friendly, I don’t know why but I accept them regardless. This gamer prefers drinks, although after reading this I’ll keep my drinks far far FAR away from my computer!

Source: Reddit


You can never go wrong with a salty snack and a soda. Sometimes it’s just good to stick to the classics. This Reddit user sure knows what’s up!

Source: Reddit


Maybe a not a snack in every sense of the word but nevertheless a good tip to share with all of you. I mean can you really go through life without a tip like this. I didn’t think so!

Source: Reddit


Finally, some wholesome gamer content. That’s all I’m going to say.

Source: Reddit 


Gamers or not, we can all agree on one thing. We are geeks. We are geeks who love to snack. So whether you geek about art, technology, innovation, design, coding, or ornithology you are free to snack as much as you want. Have a good one — snack I mean.

By Marko Grahovac

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