A lot of people feel like 2022 is the year of change. In the past few years, we had to learn to be more adaptable to change. We embrace change. We love change.

At the beginning of the year, we announced our Setup Challenge, where we asked that you show us how much your setup improved in the last year, and let me just say that everyone at the office was super impressed.

Looking at your setups was easy, it was picking a winner that became a challenge.

After long deliberation, we came to a conclusion. The winner is...


Do you want to meet this awesome setup owner? Keep on reading.

DELTAHUB: If you were to describe what you do for work (or studies) in max. 5 words what would you say? 

J: Cogeneration powerplant operations.

DELTAHUB: Or more formally, In what industry do you primarily work within?

J: I work in the energy industry.

DELTAHUB: What's your absolute favourite part of your setup?

J: My favorite part has got to be my Samsung G9 Odyssey.

DELTAHUB: Tell us about your monitor, which one do you have?

J: As mentioned above, the Samsung G9 Odyssey. The real estate is just amazing for productivity and gaming.

DELTAHUB: What keyboard do you use?

J: I have multiple keyboards but my favorite one is the Ducky One 2 Mini from Duckychannel.

DELTAHUB: What type of mouse do you use? Do you have different types for different types of work?

J: I use a Logitech G502 Lightspeed.

DELTAHUB: Your favourite lightning? Does it change with seasons?

J: I have multiple sources of lighting but my favorite has got to be the monitor bar light from BenQ. I just love how it lights up the whole desk.

DELTAHUB: Which desk meets your needs perfectly? What factors did you consider?

J: I have 3 desks combined into a ‘U’ shape. My main desk definitely needs to support my 49” monitor.

DELTAHUB: Which type of chair do you have?

J: I am using a the Pursuit Ergonomic chair from Upliftdesk.

DELTAHUB: Any art/decorations?

J: I have hexagon wall panels from Amazon which gives off that futuristic vibe. I also have a Lifx Beam kit on my wall and some RGB strips from Govee behind my desk. I also have this really cool levitating plant.

DELTAHUB: Is there any other product featured on your setup you can't live without?

J: Obviously, the Carpio 2.0. Awkward to use at first but it starts to feel natural the more you use it. It’s just an awesome product.

DELTAHUB: What's on your desk setup wish list?

J: This is more of a room decor but there’s these really cool wall shelves I’m looking at that totally fits my futuristic vibe. It’s kind of pricey but it may just be the coolest thing ever. Stay tuned lol!

DELTAHUB: If you can give one piece of advice to someone starting to build their setup, what would it be?

J: Pick a solid desk that will be big enough for your needs. This is the most important part of the setup in my opinion because it’s the foundation of your productivity zone.

DELTAHUB: Tell us about a project you’re especially proud of.

J: Not related to my setup but I’m definitely proud of the nursery room I renovated. I added wood flooring, wainscoting on the walls, window trims, and other miscellaneous final touches. Plus, it made the wife really happy.

DELTAHUB: The last two years have been challenging so far, how do you stay focused and what keeps you inspired?

J: I stay focused by planning and visualizing my tasks for the day. It helps me organize my thoughts and actions and help me prepare for the unexpected. Cliché as it sounds, my family is definitely the inspiration. 


It’s always great to have the opportunity to chat with our DeltaClub members. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the winner of the next Setup Challenge.

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