Formo - 3 in 1 Laptop Bag - DeltaHub Formo - 3 in 1 Laptop Bag - DeltaHub Formo - 3 in 1 Laptop Bag - DeltaHub Formo - 3 in 1 Laptop Bag - DeltaHub Formo - 3 in 1 Laptop Bag - DeltaHub Formo - 3 in 1 Laptop Bag - DeltaHub Formo - 3 in 1 Laptop Bag - DeltaHub Formo - 3 in 1 Laptop Bag - DeltaHub

Ergonomic workstation

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8 layers of protection
In less than 10mm
3 products in 1
A sleeve, a bag, a workstation
Expandable pocket
For a notebook, charger, dongle & more
Water repellent
Rain has nothing on you

"A fully mobile workspace gives me the flexibility to work anytime & anywhere without sacrificing my comfort. This way I can spend more time doing what I love with the people that matter most."

Amadej Tauses

DeltaHub product designer

3 products in 1

A sleeve to protect your laptop, a laptop bag to carry it, and an ergonomic workstation all in one sleek design.

Improves posture

Our 15-degree laptop stand raises your computer to a comfortable angle, so you can work with ease and keep your posture in check.

Water repellent

8 layers of foam and water repellent material protect your device while on the move. Never worry about spilled coffee or sudden rain showers again.

Expandable pocket

This pocket is bigger than it looks! Fit all your work essentials in one pocket, so you don’t have to fish out your cables out of the abyss of your bag.

Slim & practical

Tired of bulky bags? Our Formo’s sleek, slim and minimalistic design takes up minimum extra space.

Strap included

Strap it on, strap it off - it's ultimately up to you (removable strap, that's what we're talking about here).

Not laptop exclusive

Perfect for a tablet as well! Because of its sleek design, Formo is not going to take up any extra space and is thus a great companion to keep your tablet safe.

I am Formo and I have 3 superpowers.

When in sleeve mode, I have the powers of ultimate protection . My other power lies in my true carrying power activated by my bag mode. However, if full blown ergonomics are more your speed, I can just as easily turn into a laptop stand.

Watch me transform in 3...2...1...

I am a laptop sleeve.

In my dormant state, I may seem like just your regular off the shelf laptop sleeve. But take me out for a spin and I'll show you the true might of my ultimate protection power. I'm practical and functional, fitting into most bags with ease.

Did I mention there's also an elastic back pocket, that fits all of those "always lost" charges and cables?

I am a laptop bag.

Attach that nylon strap onto me, and let me take some weight off your hands. With my lightweight properties I can easily protect your laptop and help you carry it around.

I’m even water resistant so beware dreaded coffee spills - I'm coming for you!

I am an ergonomic workstation.

Ah, getting to see those Thailand views sure was amazing.

You can notice me right there on the table, showing off my final superpower - full blown ergonomics. With a pull of a string, I go from a stand to an ergonomic workspace, transforming the area around me into a user-friendly workstation.

In this mode, your laptop is safely secured and at a better screen viewing angle.

Design process

Coming up with Formo was no easy task. It took months of careful research, product testing, many fails and some successes to got us where we are today. Perfection is impossible to achieve but we believe our hard work has really paid off. This video is just a small window into our lengthy blood, sweat & tears design process.

Do I need 8 layers of protection?

Well no, not during most life's challenges. But when it comes to your devices? Those 8 layers of protection seemed like a good idea. Just in case. High quality materials that protect your device at all costs were at the top of our list when designing our laptop bag.

Materials & sizing are the key

- RPET material with anti-fray properties (recycled polyethylene terephthalate)
- Water repellent coating
- Flap stopper: metal + PU coating
- Rope: nylon
- Inside: microfiber

Formo 13" = 13.4" x 9.1" x 0.6" or 34cm x 23cm x1,5cm
Examples of which models it fits:
  • MacBook Air 13” (2020)
  • Surface Laptop 5

    Formo 14" = 14.2" x 9.4" x 0.6" or 36cm x 24cm x 1,5cm
    Examples of which models it fits:
  • MacBook Air 13”
  • Surface Laptop 5
  • MacBook Pro 14" (2021)

  • Formo 16" = 16.1" x 10.8" x 0.8" or 41cm x 27.5cm x1,5cm
    Examples of which models it fits:
  • MacBook Pro (2023)
  • Samsung Galaxy Book 3 PRO
  • Asus Zenbook Pro 16''
  • Niels K.

    It's been a game-changer for me at work - I can use it as a second screen and get so much more done! But what I really love is how versatile it is - I can take it anywhere and use it as a laptop stand. Today, I took some pics of me chilling in the garden, using Formo to get my passion projects done. It's just so damn handy! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make their life easier and more productive.

    Masa S.

    Yoga teacher

    Yoga is my huge passion and I teach people all over the world, bringing them closer to their inner yogi. With my Formo I can literally set up anywhere and lead my classes. I'm never traveling without it!

    Zala G.

    Artist & Designer

    This is MY bag! I'm always carrying a million things around and this laptop bag barely takes up any space. I can put it on my bike, I can slide it in my backpack, it goes where I go. It's so slim and light but I've never been worried that my tablet would get damaged.

    Ginger R.S.

    Digital Marketing Manager

    While I love this laptop bag, I almost constantly use it as a workstation. I'm lucky enough to work in a lively fast-paced office where I move from meeting room, to my desk, and then to the kitchen - always with my laptop in hand. The stand is super sturdy and it keeps my computer in place when I frantically run around. I love how any surface instantly becomes a work space with it!

    Tommy K.

    Editor & E-mail Specialist

    This laptop bag is perfect. Not only does it look quite sleek, but its ability to turn into a laptop stand in an instant - on any surface - is brilliant and makes my working days much more pleasant. Combine it with the Carpio & I'm all set to go CTRL+C - CTRL+V in any boring old excel sheet.

    Formo 64,90€


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