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The Ultimate Desk Pad Cleaning Guide - DeltaHub

The Ultimate Desk Pad Cleaning Guide

Sometimes we forget that our desk pad deserves some love and care. Proper desk pad care ensures longevity and makes your desk pad do what a desk pad does best - keep your desk pad nice and comfy. C...

NewsWhat your SETUP says about you - DeltaHub

What your SETUP says about you

Have you ever wondered about what your desktop setup says about? In case you have, here's a blog post specifically about that. In case you did not, now you have a new thing to wonder about while on...

InterviewsSETUP GLOW-UP: 2022 EDITION - DeltaHub


On the 17th of January on our Instagram we have begun our search for the best setup glow-up of 2021/22. We wanted to see how your setups changed and developed in the past year and most importantly ...

TipsThe ultimate guide to snacking: gamer edition - DeltaHub

The ultimate guide to snacking: gamer edition

The ultimate guide to snacking. Made for gamers or for anyone who finds themselves snacking at their desk. Have a look at some tips and tricks, find some inspiration, and look at some new snack opt...

NewsAre geeks the new jocks? - DeltaHub

Are geeks the new jocks?

For the longest time being referred to as a “geek” or a “nerd” used to be something that would be considered an insult but oh how the tides have turned. Today, esports tournaments have been quite p...



They see you when you're Slacking. They know when you come in late. They know if you've been bad or good, so be good for your work's Secret Santa exchange .. Secret Santa gift exchanges go one of t...