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G2.0 Randomfrankp
A very special edition gaming wrist rest

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100% removable strap
Adjust the silicone strap to your needs - up to 20 cm.
Magnetic attachment mechanism
Small magnet ensures instant attachment.
Featuring RFP logo
Limited collectable version, each with unique midnight-green pattern
PTFE Teflon gliders
Glides effortlessly together with your palm.

Where gaming meets ergonomics.

Carpio keeps your wrist area elevated for about a centimeter, reducing harmful extensions and keeping your arm in a more natural position, minimizing any straining of the wrist. It's medically approved design ensures comfort, without weighing you down.

"I'm really digging it! The added support feels great and I immediately noticed less stress and fatigue in my wrist after a full day of editing or gaming."

We checked out the original version back in 2020, so when I saw this new version with a wrist strap I definitely wanted to give it a go.
- Randomfrankp

YouTube Creator, August 2022

Wrist support while working

No matter if you're working on your thesis, editing a video, or gaming long into the night, this wrist rest will stay by your side...well, on your wrist.

How does it not come off?

Because there's a silicone strap, of course!

It gives you complete control over your movements and lets your wrist move freely during the intense sweeps or movements from 4, 5, even 6 devices.

Removable silicone strap

Carpio G2.0 RFP edition is made to suite office work as well, so you can easily remove the strap while you're busy with some less intense tasks.

Reduce palm sweating

The new design features holes that increase airflow and reduce palm sweatiness.

Enhance performance

There is no reason for wrist fatigue to slow you down.

Designed with physicians 

Carpio G2.0 RFP edition reinforces pressure to the thenar and hypothenar parts of your palm, and it ensures that your whole arm glides in sync with your mouse.

A fateful encounter.

Carpio being featured in Randomfrankp's "Cool Tech Under $50" list back in 2020 helped put DeltaHub on the map. We went from 5 to 500 orders in hours, and never looked back!

All because we got his stamp of approval.

Only 2020 pieces!

Introducing an exclusive new colorway called "Midnight Camo", combining a matte black base with green accents forming a unique pattern that makes each piece a one of a kind collectable.

RFP x DeltaHub Carpio G2.0 is more than just a special edition item - it represents a legacy.

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Lethal in-game accuracy

Last longer and aim better!
Perfect for MOBA, FPS, RPGs - you name it.

PSA: Once you attach Carpio G2.0 RFP edition to your wrist it follows you everywhere - even if you don't want it to.

Carpio G2.0 vs 2.0

The ergonomics are the same, Carpio G2.0 simply offers more control for all of you intense and rapid mouse movers.

Carpio G2.0 introducted tweo new features:
- silicone adjustable strap
- perforated pads design

"I have used previous versions of Carpio before, dating back to 2020. The Carpio G2.0 has an adjustable magnetic band that stays on your wrist while using it. Underneath it's coated in this sleek Teflon so it will move with you on your mousepad and not cause any drag or resistance to your mouse movements."
- Frank aka Randomfrankp

NASA grade PTFE Teflon feet, ABS base, and silicone padding.
A silicone strap with a powerful N52 magnet.
A plastic loop attachment

Place your palm on the silicone pads. Be sure to select the correct size (please refer to the question above). The use of Carpio may feel a bit weird in the beginning, but this is totally expected. As you're placing your hand differently than before, your wrist needs some some to adjust to the new position. The strap will help you keep the Carpio in the perfect spot at all times. The Carpio can also be used with your keyboard. Just slide the hand with your Carpio from the mouse to the keyboard and vice-versa.

We suggest you remove the silicone pads off the base as little as possible as this may result in breaking of the plastic pegs if done too often. Also, please be careful with the silicone strap as it may break if stretched too much. Please also keep the G2.0 Carpio away from hot and humid conditions.

The G2.0 has perforated pads that allow airflow and prevent sweating. It also has a completely removable and adjustable strap with its own magnetic attachment mechanism so you retain perfect control of your Carpio at all times.

Follow the size guide to get the right size for yourself. If you're still unsure, let our support team know.